Juneau doesn't have 300 sellers of alcohol

Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Ann Chandonnet's article in the Juneau Empire on Sept. 11 made me wonder where the 300 outlets for alcohol in Juneau were.

In calling Matt Felix he quoted his source for information from the 1999 Annual Report from the State of Alaska Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse pages 17 and 24. On reading the report, page 24 states that there are 30 Beverage Dispensary Licenses, not 300. In all fairness to Matt Felix, he might have said Juneau had 300 percent more than the allotted amount based on one license per 3,000 population.

In looking at the number of licenses listed in the state, Juneau fares quite well. For the entire state Juneau is second behind Anchorage of the 12 areas listed for having the least number of licenses per existing population. In fact, one community has 16 licenses when one is the suggested number.

It is also not mentioned that the number of restaurant licenses in the entire state is within statutory boundaries in each and every community and borough.

Matt Felix also quoted alcohol consumption from FY85 to state that people over the age of 14 drink an average of 3.5 gallons of pure alcohol per year. Alcohol consumption is at an all time low based on the facts in the report. By FY98 consumption was down to 2.51 gallons per year per person, an approximate 40 percent decrease over FY85.

All this information is on pages 17 and 24 at www.abada.com. Click on "Finding the Answers to Tough Questions About Substance Abuse in Alaska."

H.B. Freer Jr.

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