Sally Saddler for School Board

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008

Sometimes this world gives us good problems. Juneau has one in our upcoming School Board election, where three fine candidates are running for school board. Dick Monkman and Ed Flanagan seem well qualified for the job, but I'm especially pleased to see Sally Saddler running for a slot.

I've known Saddler for many years, including working with her in a professional capacity while at the Department of Commerce. In her job as special assistant to the commissioner (through three administrations - talk about differences!) she competently balanced multiple assignments year after year, especially during busy legislative sessions.

She served as an effective facilitator and communicator between staff and the administration. You could speak to Saddler in confidence and trust she would consider different views. Saddler was especially talented at moving past emotions and getting the job done.

Maybe more important than anything else is my kids love her. She always greets them with interest, talks to them like adults and sincerely wants to know how they are doing. I've no hesitation recommending her for this position. Saddler for School Board!

Glenn Haight


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