Americans transfixed on wrong subjects

Posted: Friday, September 19, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Barack Obama have condoned their first genocide.

It came with seemingly little effort. The dead civilians of South Ossetia killed by a Georgian army under the control of American and Israeli forces are of little consequence to the warmongers who rule over us.

The condoning of genocide seems to be an initiation these days for all would-be rulers, a baptism of evil to rid the soul of conscience; the promise of bigger things to come. Look at government as a sort of eugenicist program. After all, the globe we live on is heating up and there are way too many of us, we are told. Thus peace would be bad, a sense of humanity detrimental to the cause. We need enemies. We need to fight the world. We need to fight each other.

As though a nation possessed, we willingly offer our minds as sanctuary for the mad intentions of our masters. Peace would be the idea we dare not imagine lest we gain the masters' wrath. With the false right-wing-left-wing paradigm, Americans are transfixed on each other instead of those who rule us.

Yet, the peace revolt is building. A revolution is coming. A lasting peace innate and fundamental to our being is on the rise. That unforgettable fire of humanity's promise is about to be unfolded. Call it the second coming. Call it the emergence of the kingdom of peace, it is coming.

Are you on the wrong train? Just walk away from war, and humanity will follow. Just walk away from war, and your humanity will come.

It is time now to change, and to behold the peace kingdom.

Peter Nagle


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