The Tea Party is nothing to be feared

Posted: Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the wake of a successful Alaskan campaign funded by the deep pockets of the burgeoning Tea Party movement, many are claiming the group is a revolutionary catalyst for sweeping changes across the country; a movement that stands to change American politics forever.

Such statements are ambitious and more than likely fall short of their mark. Instead, these groups could be thought of as a reflection of the increasing polarization in American politics. Much like the anti-war movement of the last decade, they too will dissipate once the Republican Party takes the reins of power once again. As the left has turned a blind eye to the crimes against humanity the Obama administration has contributed to in the war in Afghanistan, they too will fall silent as the future GOP presidency undoubtedly encroaches on human liberties as the status quo dictates of every presidency.

If we can infer anything from these groups, it's the future of American politics will be more partisan and deadlocked than ever. Campaigns will be more vicious, and the growing rift between the left and the right will widen all the more.

Jeff Baertsch


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