Thanks for the help

Posted: Sunday, September 19, 2010

I want to thank the many exceptional individuals who were involved in rescuing me from my fall near Ebner Falls on Saturday. As I waited 30 feet below, I had no idea that throughout the day literally dozens of complete strangers were devoting their entire afternoons to helping me.

I have since come to know about the efforts of many of these people and want them all to know how much I appreciate them.

Many anonymous passersby abandoned their own afternoon plans in order to monitor my condition while others went for help. A Good Samaritan named "Amber" also called 911 and determined my location for emergency personnel. Thank you all.

A large number of Juneau Mountain Rescue volunteers carried out a safe and efficient belay operation above a very loud, fast-moving section of Ebner Falls where I had fallen. I am very grateful for your courage and skill.

A State Trooper provided assistance to the other rescuers and recorded my information afterwards. Thank you for your service.

And last but certainly not least, as I walked home I met many more Juneau Mountain Rescue volunteers who were literally running up Perseverance Trail in an effort to arrive in time to support their fellow volunteers. Your desire to help meant a lot to me.

I am so proud and grateful to live in a community where I can call such selfless people my neighbors. Thank you again to all of you.

Nathan Arentsen


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