Perm Fund didn't lose Web-filed applications

Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2000

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division did not lose "a lot of (electronically filed) applications" this year, as alleged in the Empire's Word of Mouth column on Tuesday.

We are not aware of any electronically filed applications that were lost. But because Word of Mouth is anonymous, we have no way of checking the status of the caller's divided or his or her particular problem.

Alaskans this year for the first time were able to file electronically for their dividends, using their computer and an Internet connection. If they filed electronically, a page would have automatically printed out at their printer. The instructions on the screen would have told them to sign the page and mail it to the dividend office. If they did not get a signature page, it meant something went wrong with their Internet transmission and they would have been instructed to start again.

If they received a signature page and mailed it in, and if we failed to receive the Internet transmission of their application data, we would have contacted them to determine what went wrong and to complete the application process.

I'm sorry if someone had trouble filing for the dividend and I'm sorry that the Empire chooses to spread anonymous misinformation in the name of entertainment.

Larry Persily

Deputy Commissioner

Department of Revenue

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