Entertainment Briefs
Contra dance set for Saturday; Alaska plays sought for conference; New director chosen for state arts council

Art and artifacts at the city museum
Beadwork, lighthouses, women's art and Juneau history will be featured this fall at the Juneau Douglas City Museum. Beginning next week, admission is free.

Comedy: Standing up & Lying down
Comedian Todd Glass is no stranger to television cameras, but delivering stand-up comedy in front of a live audience is his first and best love.

Human equations in 'Proof'
I ra Levin's "Deathtrap" opens with a description of a perfect thriller: "Two acts, one set, five characters, a juicy murder in act I, unexpected developments in act II, sound construction, good dialogue, laughs in the right places, highly commercial."

Facing the crowd in terror's aftermath
Musicians Martha Scott and Betsy Sims spent months preparing to leave Juneau this fall for a three-month musical tour of the East Coast and Midwest. Scott is now having second thoughts about the tour in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks on the United States.

Entertainment Calendar

Time for love, support
The presidential election is over and it is time for Chris Joy and Maggie Ross to get over it. We live in a dangerous and new era, and now face survival of not only our way of life but of life itself.

Freedom's benefits
If Chris Joy lived in one of the Arab countries she seems to defend she would not be able to belong to an organization that supported women.

Was it sour grapes?
I have never written a letter to the editor before but after reading the letter on Monday by Maggie Ross, I feel compelled to respond. In a time when over 5,000 innocent husbands, wives, sons and daughters have been taken, Ms. Ross refers to this as an "East Coast catastrophe," as if this were some other country.

No time for bickering
I find Ms. Ross' My Turn disturbing. How dare she blame us for what happened on Tuesday! Even worse she says it's George Bush's fault for the terrorist attack, the downturn of the stock market, the slowdown of the economy and Europe looking down on us?

Shame on the critics
Thanks to all who joined us in displaying the American flag. I've seen them in cars, businesses and in homes.

I will not obey
Please allow me to make my position on peace ever clear. My original letter to the editor sparked some "disgust." My observations that this could escalate into a "holy war," even as our president quotes scripture in a brief, televised broadcast, was "misinformed."

Invitation to reflect
I read Maggie Ross' Sept. 16 My Turn with increasing dismay at each paragraph. Every thoughtful person I know is concerned about the balance between our civil liberties and security. And certainly any meaningful consideration of future policy in the Middle East must include a through examination of our successes and failures in the region.

When words fail
I could not find appropriate words to express my revulsion to Monday's venomous My Turn by Juneau theologian Maggie Ross.

A chant for goodness
I am writing to express my dismay at the Juneau Empire's printing of Art Chance's My Turn article. It was in poor judgment for the editor to print his article. Everyone has a right to express their opinions, but the newspaper has the responsibility to make good decisions about what is appropriate. Violent, revengeful hate letters are not.

Dangerous and just
Out of the anger and hurt from the destruction of the WTC and loss of life I put pen to paper. It was cathartic to write this poem.

We won't miss
To the terrorists: Today I learned than one very dear friend of mine is dead because of you. Yes, I am sad and heart sick, wondering how I will cope. (Isn't that what you wanted?) But, you missed your mark.

Cars are not toys
How can we be sure that our teenagers are ready for the responsibility of having a license and a car? We can only hope that everything they have been taught has registered in their mind.

Women's health forum Saturday
Women who want to lead long, healthy lives are invited to attend a free forum titled Celebrating Women's Lives: Growing Older, Growing Wise, from noon to 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Centennial Hall. The presentation includes a free lunch.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Friends celebrate life with Mike Miller
Mike Miller remembers a lot of dates: The day he met his wife, the days his kids were born and the day he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Randy Wanamaker aims to reach out to other SE towns
District 2 Assembly candidate Randy Wanamaker hopes to use his regional ties for Juneau's benefit.

Around Town

Juneau firefighter mourns loss of N.Y. colleagues
As the nation mourns the loss of New York firefighters killed in a terrorist attack on the country last week, a Juneau man is hurting more than most.

Dixie Hood backs measures that preserve quality of life
Quality of life is one of the items at the top of Dixie Hood's priority list. As a candidate for the District 2 Assembly seat, the therapist and mediator says she'd like to help protect Juneau's natural beauty and small-town friendliness.

Collins sees need to be more active in region
Since moving to Southeast Alaska in 1988, Chuck Collins has traveled to every community in the region with the exception of Hyder and Pelican. And Juneau's relations with the rest of the region are one reason he decided to run against incumbent Jim Powell for the areawide Juneau Assembly seat.

Clancy DeSmet seeking balanced decisions for Juneau
At age 27, Clancy DeSmet hopes to get more young people and other groups involved in city government if he is elected to the District 2 Assembly seat that John MacKinnon is leaving.


Local forum focuses on terrorist attacks
In one brief comment, Juneau Assembly member Frankie Pillifant summarized the mood of many Americans after last week's terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

No compromise on proposed city smoking ban
Juneau business owners and smoking-ban supporters are having trouble reaching agreement on how new limits would apply to restaurants that have bars.

Powell sets sights on tourism, schools, facilities
After six years on the Juneau Assembly, Jim Powell has some work he'd like to finish. He envisions Juneau with a new ice rink, a long-range tourism plan, two high schools, a remodeled Capitol campus and safe access at Auke Bay, he said.

Juneau's Millennium program is under way
The Juneau Tree Committee, in cooperation with the city, the state and the U.S. Forest Service, has begun planting a Millennium Grove next to the 6th Street stairs between Willoughby and Calhoun. The location has been designated Phase 1 of a USDA project initiated at the beginning of the millennium to encourage the planting of trees.

Thank you
...for the raptor rapture

Senior menu
The following meals will be served next week. These meals and Care-a-Van transportation are available to all senior citizens (age 60 and over).

There is always solace to be found in the garden
People have always found solace in the garden, reconnecting with the world after the wrenching apart of tragic events. Loss of loved ones and worry for the missing or injured call us to the soil and to the welcoming comfort of the flowers and plants waiting for us.

Neighbors Briefs
Civil Air Patrol ready to help; Prayer seminar; Preschoolers invited to open gym; 'Special Saturday' features beading; 90th-birthday celebration planned; Girl Scouts campaign; Safety exposition

Pet Of The Week
Aries is a sleek, black, shorthair, neutered and declawed, 2-year-old male who is friendly, playful, energetic and is said to "talk" when he wants to eat.

Elementrary school menu



Wayne E. Weeks
Wayne E. Weeks died on Sept. 16 in Seattle.

My Turn:The unappeased rage of a father
Those who know me and who know these pages well know that I rarely lack for words. The last week has struck me dumb. I simply could not find a way to look at Sept. 11 and its unmitigated horror. I looked at it through my Southern, yes, my Confederate past, and my genetic predispositions against New York and Washington, and I could not accept that lens.

My Turn: Not a perfect nation, but worthy of our pride
Maggie Ross suggests that her personal experiences lend validity to her opinion on America's ills, and as an American she is free to state her opinion publicly. I do not believe my personal experiences invest my opinion with any particular weight, but I feel compelled to call upon them to respond to her My Turn column of Sept. 17.

Don't rush to normalcy
When Rudolph Giuliani urged New Yorkers on Monday to get back to their normal routines, the mayor's motives were understandable. It would send a message to terrorists that they have not defeated us. It would help keep the city's economy from sinking any deeper. It would aid people trying to get past the horrendous events of last week.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

Word Of Mouth
Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute. We reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel.

A welcome cease-fire
Writing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict always carries a risk that words of hope typed one day will be erased by violent acts the next. But the cease-fire that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat imposed and Israel's reaction to it Tuesday were a welcome turn at an anxious time.

My Turn: Consider stopping the cycle of violence
As I join with the rest of the nation in mourning the thousands of victims of last week's heinous acts of terrorism, it is with some discomfort that I find myself arguing the merits of U.S. foreign policy. Nevertheless, several of the letters that responded to that of Chris Joy are so full of super-patriotism and denial that I feel I have to write in support of her thesis that terror is, indeed, a two-way street.

My Turn: Times that try men's souls
By Ken Koelsch

Special places for troubled times
This week, day and night reach a brief equilibrium, then quickly bypass each other as day inexorably, steadily, gives way to lengthening night. It is the same dance they repeat every September.

The preacher and the halibut from hell
It was one of those rare clear days as we untied the lines from the Auke Bay dock and took the boat The Wild One on a fishing trip we will never forget. On board was a retired preacher ready to fish for halibut. We anchored at our favorite hole and the action started as we baited our poles. The preacher was baited up with salmon.

Out and About
What's in season, in the water, and in the woods

Where to find beavers locally
Juneau's most prominent beavers are gone, but others can still be found for wildlife viewing. They are easier seen in the late evening or at night.

Beavers: A battle for road crews, a bonanza for B&B guests
A big rodent with an engineering aptitude. A water gopher that eats trees. A potential fur hat that builds houses.

Fish report
It took anglers fishing for coho salmon an average of six hours to land a fish last week, while in the previous week it took four hours to land a silver. The five-year average catch rate for coho salmon in the Juneau area is five hours. At this time last year, it took seven hours to put a silver in the boat.

Sports In Juneau

Sports In Juneau

Juneau swim and dive team heads for Petersburg
The Juneau-Douglas High School swim and dive team dives back into competition this weekend with two separate meets in Petersburg on Friday and Saturday.

Alaska State Football Leaders
Top performers in Alaska high school football, as compiled by the Anchorage Daily News. The leader stats are missing stats from the Sept. 8 game between Sitka and Seward.

Juneau hosts defending state champs
Although the top-ranked Juneau-Douglas High School football team has rolled to an undefeated 6-0 record this season, there have been times when the Crimson Bears offense has struggled.

Alaska State Football Polls
Here are the Anchorage Daily News/Alaska State Coaches Football Polls, as voted on b

Empire Cup Standings
Standings through Aug. 31 in the Empire Cup Runners Series, sponsored by the Southeast Road Runners club, the Juneau Empire and the Juneau Department of Parks and Recreation. Runners are listed with points earned.

This year's dividend:$1,850.28
The annual dividend from the Alaska Permanent Fund fell to $1,850 this year - $113 less than last year's checks but still the second largest on record.

SE leaders seek electrical intertie
Southeast communities will study a format for a regional agency that would own and operate electric transmission lines that might someday link towns from Metlakatla to Skagway.

Bail set for Haines man in murder case
Bail was set at $200,000 Wednesday for a Haines man accused in the beating death of his uncle.

State Briefs
Dock access limited through season; Firefighters secure vehicles after warning; Twins sentenced for flight fight

SE Conference wants own ferry study
The Southeast Conference of local government and business leaders wants to tackle the future of the financially troubled Alaska Marine Highway System.

State Briefs
Haines man charged with murder; Doctor apologizes for threatening comments; Power outage affects businesses

U.S. is recovering from Internet worm
As American companies recovered from the latest Internet worm, the complex "Nimda" program struck companies around the world, shutting down sites in Norway, Japan and elsewhere.

SE mayors oppose legislative move
Southeast mayors have rallied around Juneau - and shopping - in the capital city's efforts to counter a possible ballot measure in 2002 to move the legislative sessions to the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

Court ruling allows some logging in Tongass forest
An appeals court ruling will allow logging in parts of the Tongass National Forest to continue for now.

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