Corporate colonialism reaches Alaska

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Outside interests are using Alaska as a colonial resource extraction area. In South America big corporate mining companies have polluted rivers, streams and lakes with toxic mine waste and poisoned indigenous people. I thought Alaska law and the Clean Water Act protected our pristine waters. Guess I am nave.

The EPA just granted a permit to the Kensington gold project that allows the company to dump 4.5 million tons of mine waste into a fish-producing lake. The waste will kill the fish and smother everything else.

If Kensington is allowed to set this Third World precedent for Alaska waters, what can we expect if Pebble Mine is approved? The Murkowski administration wants to allow "mixing zones" in our rivers and streams, and now the EPA wants to subvert the Clean Water Act to allow destruction of lakes. Alaska waters will not be safe from industrial pollution.

A clean environment, healthy fisheries and productive local economies depend on clean water. Stop this destructive, precedent-setting third world conquest of Alaska waters in court, and insist on sensible development that protects our fisheries and water.

Nina Faust


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