Smarmy damage control by Bush

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Our brave war president gave a prime time pep talk on Katrina Thursday evening, a predictable and obvious effort at damage control. It wasn't for Katrina victims but for this seriously failed administration.

Besides being weeks late, Bush came over like a smarmy snake oil salesman with shifty eyes and hesitant stutter as he uttered platitudes, excuses and far too-late promises. Words to the contrary, Bush and his neo-cons will never accept their real responsibility in this disaster, decades of neglect of and attacks upon a vitally needed security apparatus and organization while handing out tax cuts and corporate benefits to their wealthy benefactors.

That coupled with the appointment of grossly unqualified political hacks to crucially responsible positions made the Hurricane Katrina debacle inevitable. Americans now hang our collective heads in shame before the rest of the world for this abject failure of our government. Bush gets an F-minus for this one.

What else has this administration left us grossly unprepared for, and how much will it now cost the rest of us to provide security for our citizens?

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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