Dedicated candidate

Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000

I am a freshman at the University of Idaho. Last year I attended Juneau-Douglas High School in the now non-existent Phoenix Program. I have known Dan Peterson, a fellow student at JDHS, for the past three years. He was, and obviously continues to be, an individual very dedicated to his learning.

Like many others, he fought to keep the Phoenix program alive to allow another option for learning. Dan has also been very dedicated to the school newspaper, the J-Bird. I know how Dan values education, and how his point of view could definitely benefit the community of Juneau. I think it also says something when there are only four people running for three positions and one is a student who wants to make some things better for students who will be continuing their education long after Dan has graduated.

This is my first election, and I would be proud to vote for Dan Peterson for School Board.

Rory Fletcher

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