Kudos for taking on the cruise industry

Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000

Thanks to Gov. Knowles for taking the cruise ship industry to task. For too long we've heard from this industry, "We care about the environment and wouldn't do anything to hurt it." Right. And I've got some moon rocks I'll sell you cheap. The only thing these people really care about is the bottom line.

This industry, which makes millions (billions?) of dollars taking visitors through our beautiful region quite obviously does not care how they impair our quality of life. They run sanctimonious ads to tell us how much they do for local charities and care about our environment. Many supporters speak up for them. But I notice their supporters all have vested interests. Some might consider this a form of prostitution. And, if you trouble to run the industry's own numbers, you'll find they contribute about 38 cents per passenger in Juneau. Not only are they hypocritical and deceitful, but cheap too.

Their well-paid lobbyists whine about the treatment the locals give this industry. What else can you expect when someone comes into your home and dumps their wastes and fouls the air then, to add insult to injury, pays little or no taxes on any level?

The Juneau Empire would do this town a service by reminding the public of the details of how our state Legislature canceled Juneau's air monitoring program of a few years ago, and who were the motivators in that effort. Please also cast some illumination on Juneau's City Assembly. Does anyone dare take a leadership role on this issue? Do we have leaders with the courage to act for the purpose for which they were elected? That is in the public interest, in case any of them need reminding.

Anne Pennington

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