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Posted: Thursday, September 21, 2000

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Anyone who is exempt from sales tax should not be able to vote on whether we extend the sales tax.

As of March of this year, I was deeply anti-tourist. After listening to all the whining of the anti-noise, anti-cruise ship, anti-this, anti-that, I have become pro-tourist, pro-aircraft, pro-anything that has to do with the industry.

Helicopter noise is fine with me. The noise that I dislike is cars without mufflers, dogs that bark all day and all night, and car-poolers who lay on their horn early in the morning to announce their arrival.

To the people who reported that tourists are being cheated, I am an original of this country and I have pointed out to tourists that items are not authentic, but they chose to buy according to their budget.

The editor was too kind to the president of the Destination Juneau Association when he apologized for the Empire discovering how low merchants will go to make a buck. If the reporters' sampling procedures were random and without bias, sound statistical projections easily could justify the Empire statement that half of the downtown tourist vendors are cheating the public.

People in this town need to take responsibility for their dogs and clean up after them instead of leaving messes all over sidewalks where pedestrians walk.

If you take the bear's home away by clear-cutting the forest, they don't really have a choice but to come into our communities.

I fish Juneau's waters every summer. Thank you Maridon Boario and Mark Wheeler for addressing cruise ship dumping at the debate last night.

After watching the candidates in the debate, I think they should give a few of those candidates for mayor a drug test.

Voters have a real choice at the polls on Oct. 3. Assembly candidate Mark Wheeler can improve the quality of life for all Juneau residents.

Just imagine the low-cost recreational opportunities that would become available if there were a road to Skagway.

In defense of the high school teacher who assigned homework over the summer, it was an AP advanced class and at the time of registration, there was a letter stating that if you didn't do the homework, you shouldn't take the class.

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