Teen heart patient sent to Seattle

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2001

Chrysantha Bradley, the Juneau teen-ager who underwent a heart transplant two years ago, has suffered a setback. A viral infection caused her body to reject her new heart, said her father, Ray Bradley.

Chrysantha, now 16, caught one of the colds going around town and began to feel bad Sept. 11. "Her immune system kicked in, and her body started to reject her heart," Bradley said.

She was examined at Bartlett Regional Hospital after she woke up Sept. 14 and could not breathe, and was subsequently air-ambulanced to the University of Washington Health Sciences and Medical Affairs Center. She has been in intensive care ever since.

"She was coherent when I talked to her last night, but she is still in ICU," Bradley said. Chrysantha is being treated with massive doses of anti-rejection drugs. Her mother is with her in Seattle. The family will know about her prognosis on Monday, said Bradley, defensive coordinator for the Juneau-Douglas High School football team.

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