Education or political manipulation?

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007

Vacations are great. Sometimes the only downside is missing out on important news that's released when you are gone. Upon returning home from a vacation I learned that the administration under Gov. Sarah Palin had appropriated $400,000 to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the purpose of educating Alaskans on the importance of using aerial wolf killing to manage predators and prey within the state. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game already provides this education through brochures and its Web site.

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Alaskans should shake their heads and ask the question, "How can Palin cut educational funding for our children, and instead appropriate nearly half-a-million dollars to convince Alaskans that planes should be used to shoot vast numbers of wolves from the air?"

If you dig deeper than the "educational" spin on this funding, you become aware that this educational campaign is really a political campaign which coincides with the 2008 ballot initiative which will enable Alaskan voters to greatly restrict aerial wolf killing programs. Alaskans banned this ill conceived practice in both 1996 and 2000.

Palin espouses the value of "transparency" when it comes to deliberations concerning legislation and other public matters. It is clear and transparent to me what the purpose of the $400,000 state funding appropriation is to be used for. I believe that our governor is more interested in funding programs that will "leave no wolf behind" versus funding programs that will "leave no child behind."

Please set our governor straight on her priorities and ask her to rescind this so called $400,000 "predator control education program." Contact her at 465-3500 or

Jenny Pursell


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