Putting an end to Alaska corruption

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007

Sheila Patterson (Sept. 14 Empire) says we've robbed Sen. Lisa Murkowski of a house on the Kenai. What we've done is put a stop to the political corruption that is blatantly obvious in Alaska - money for votes, promises of jobs, the enrichment of politicians' relatives with state and federal tax dollars.

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Just because these crimes have been going on for such a long time in Alaska does not mean they should just continue unnoticed because of the amount of money the corruptness brings to the state.

Patterson's letter states, "This is a fragile time in Alaska - oil industry and gas line blues, and a mining company trying to destroy a renewable natural resource in Bristol Bay. Let our delegation get back to work and focus on Alaska's business."

First, federal business has to be addressed as it is in a Federal Court Room in Anchorage.

The damage done to the political image of Alaska will be long lasting. Federal dollars will dry up until Alaska can show that these dollars will be used for their intended purpose instead of the enrichment of the politicians families. This is not a witch hunt as Patterson claims. It is the stealing of federal tax dollars, and those responsible will pay with prison time, and the state of Alaska will pay with the lack of federal dollars for years to come.

Thomas Baxter


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