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Posted: Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks to those who provided love, support after Karl passed

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The Ferguson-Loveid family wishes to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who provided love and support before and after Karl Loveid passed away. During the 30 years Karl lived in Alaska, he touched the lives of many with friendship.

Thank you to Shepherd of the Valley church members who opened their arms with care and kindness to provide guidance for the services, outstanding food and flowers at the reception and the beautiful choir, fiddle and organ music. Hospice and Homecare of Juneau provided much comfort and support with care and compassion. Special thanks to Kathy Riederer, Leslie Chandler and Sandy Harris, for their kindness, professionalism and assistance.

Our thanks also go out to Dr. Kim Smith and his nurse, Marsha, Dr. Melissa Hynes and Dr. Palmer, for their kind and gentle care. The Juneau Bowling Center presented the family with a beautiful trophy commemorating one of Karl's high score games during the Friday Wine League. The family will treasure this and the memories we made together bowling in the summer Friday Wine League, the Tuesday Senior League, the Wednesday Men's League and the Friday Mixed League. Karl cherished the many friends he made at the bowling alley. The family also appreciates the bowling memorials that are planned by the Juneau Bowling Center.

Thank you also to everyone who traveled to attend Karl's memorial service. Your presence was comforting and appreciated. The Brigadoon Estates neighbors reached out and dropped off food, set out or picked up trash cans on trash day, mowed the lawn and stopped by to say hi and offer help in any form that was needed.

Thank you also to the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities current and former employees who attended the memorial service. You were a large part of his life and he was grateful for your friendship.

We also wish to recognize the support we received from several individuals: Roger Hoffman, Erik and Carol Lundquist, Karen Stumph, Roger and Teri Birk, Theresa Kissel, Keith and Sandy Burgess, Brian Rae and Sherri Humphrey, Pastor Paul Beran, and Ted and Debe Wilson. Thank you also to those who sent cards or letters, said a prayer, kept us in your thoughts or gave a sympathetic nod in the grocery store. Your kindness and support is much appreciated.

Kristine Loveid and the Ferguson-Loveid family


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