Keep hateful voices off your televisions

Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009

To heck with President Obama and his socialism, I say, I am an Alaskan! Now, if you will excuse me, I need go make sure my Permanent Fund Dividend will clear OK, get my winter unemployment paperwork started, and write my health insurance company a check for $1,000 a month for one person, for Cobra, what a deal (steal?).

Actually, I almost forgot to throw more vitriol at the federal government for making sure my dad had a great federal engineering job for his full career, and allowing me to never be hungry, get a good college education and help us build roads we use every day. How could they be so tyrannical?

It just makes me mad that our so-called president wants to spend money on health, the environment and science instead of starting wars. Where is the America I know and love? Oh yeah, it's with all the knuckleheads on TV and radio, shouting at their guests, name-calling and offering one-sided "news" reporting.

I don't care what way you lean - left, right or center - don't support these hate-mongers. Turn off your radio or TV when you hear ranting. Maybe after we impose term limits for U.S. Congress, we can move on to TV/radio hosts (advertising dollars, hint, hint).

Let your own voices be heard, not those of some actor in a studio making money by being rude and pretending to deliver the news. Question: What's worse than government taking over the country? Answer: Hollywood taking over the news.

We the people are the government, or at least we should be.

Cory Heimbuch


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