No Charter commission needed, vote no on Prop. 3

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Oct. 5th, registered voters in Juneau will be asked to vote during the local municipal election on Proposition 3 which asks "Shall there be a Charter Commission to review or amend the Charter?" The League of Women Voters of Juneau has been studying all sides of this issue over many years and again, during the past two years. The League of Women Voters of Juneau urges voters to vote no on Proposition 3.

We support the Charter of the City and Borough of Juneau and believe that it meets the following objectives:

• It is flexible, concise and adaptable to changing needs.

• It provides for a government that has accountability, appropriate representation and decision-making.

• It provides for the basic procedures and practices of the assembly and administration.

• It provides popular controls over the government.

The League finds that where there are criticisms of the Juneau government, the problems are not with the Charter but with the implementation of its provisions. We are confident that any specific issue or concern brought forward by local citizens can be adequately addressed individually through the amendment process as outlined in the charter.

Again, we urge the citizens of Juneau to vote no on Proposition 3 on Oct. 5th.

carolyn Brown


President, League of Women Voters of Juneau

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