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Posted: Friday, September 22, 2000

... for helping classes

During the five years I've been with the Zach Gordon Youth Center, I have had the pleasure to teach a variety of classes.

Most of those classes would not have been as fun and interesting without the wonderful people who donated their time to be guests in our classes and share their great talents and skills.

So, a special thanks to all of you: The Juneau Empire, Bruce Bowler, Anita Nettleton, Annie Shapleigh, Salty Haines, Betty Marriott, all the staff at the USCG, Kathy Libby, Jim Douglas, Mary and the staff with Landscape Alaska, Paul Hansen and Southeast Alaska Food Bank for not letting our kids go hungry.

To all of you have cared about the youth of Juneau, thank you.

Laurie Overbay, Teen Health Advocate

... for tribal support

The Juneau Pow Wow Club would like to thank the following regarding the "Gathering of Tribes": The Coke-Cola Company, Marvin Newton, manager, Juneau Douglas High School, Klukwan Corporation, Tlingit and Haida Central Council, KINY (Chris Burns and Dennis Egan), Capital City Weekly, Juneau Empire (Riley Woodford, Anne Chandonnet, Brian Wallace for great coverage received by Juneau Empire), KTOO (Cy Peck, Jr.), Super Bear, Douglas Island Pink and Chum, Sugar Bugs, Salvation Army, SE Native Veterans, Juneau Pow Wow Club members (Cody Greyeyes, Leonard Gone, Hal Smith, Robert Joey and Trooper Blake), SAGA volunteers, and the many people that housed and donated food and volunteered at the Gathering of Tribes (you know who you are: MANY THANKS), thanks to all the drum groups and dance groups and James St. Claire (Hoop Dancer) that performed. To all the others we did not mention and see you at our next "Gathering of Tribes" on June 1, 2, 3, 2001.

Garfield Katasse, Chairman

... for simple assistance

Barry Lopez observed in "Crossing Open Ground" that a community is held together by stories and generosity. I find that to be true. In organizing the Memory Walk event for the Alzheimer's Association I am impressed again and again with the generosity of others. It is the small things; things not ordinarily recorded and usually beneath the line of vision of our daily lives, people playing parts in some unfolding larger activity. It brings to mind the metaphor, "fabric of society." Like, when one looks closely at a piece of cloth, it is just so many strands of interlaced fibers.

Saturday I needed to place a banner on the edge of one of SEARHC's buildings that faced the highway. I called Harold, custodian of SEARHC, he helped get administrative approval and called Bill, a friend of his at Anchor Electric, to ask for help getting the banner high on the roof. Bill was busy but said he liked to help with community things. Saturday Bill and Ray showed up at the SEARHC building with a huge truck that had a hydraulic lift on it. They not only attached the banner, but also fixed it so that the banner could be taken down easily and replaced again next year.

Small things. Less than an hour total time involvement. Big things. The fabric of this community becomes stronger in the passing of our lives.

Thank you Harold, Bill and Ray.

Glen Ray

... for theater support

Perseverance Theatre would like to thank everyone who participated in the Sept. 10 celebration of our 22nd season aboard the M/V Galaxy. Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises deserve special thanks for hosting the event and donating two tickets for a cruise to Mexico. Thanks to Fred Sanchez, John Fox, Capt. Adamidis, Chris Garcia, Daniel Carillo and especially Ms. Kate Tesar. We would also like to thank Alaska Airlines and Kim Hutchinson for donating two round-trip tickets to the point of departure. Thanks to Wes Carlson of Alaska Communications Systems, Mayor Dennis Egan, Sen. Kim Elton, Rep. Beth Kerttula, Curt Terrall, Michael Fieldhouse, Donna Perrin, Darrius Mannino, Anita Maynard-Losh, Eddie Jones, Karen Cross, Lorrie Heagy, Owen Hutchinson, Margaux DeRoux, Terry Cramer, Sally Smith, Sue Wilder, Sue Kraft, Glenda Carino, Annie Landrum, Deborah Lindsey, Kathryn Daughhetee, Ekatrina Oleska, Heather Bingaman, Corine Geldhof, Dawn Findley, Patricia Hull, Karen Dillon, Nena Thomas, Joyce Parry Moore, Moira Smith, Larry Spencer, Carola Thompson, Sue Koester, Art Petersen, Annie Calkins, Brittany Kasselder, Zach Falcon, Jenny Dawson and Lynda Giguere.

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