Don has guts

Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2002


takes guts to make decisions, particularly difficult decisions in a public capacity, especially in a community as educated to issues, opinionated, and sometimes divergent as ours. A person with guts, serving the public interest is what is needed in elected office to make difficult decisions. We are fortunate to have that dedicated long-time public employee and public servant right now in Don Etheridge. He is truly a great listener when it comes to issues affecting Juneau, and also an effective achiever when it comes to enhancing our local infrastructure for the benefit of all of us. Whether it be for the working people of Alaska or simply the community here that we all share, Don has for the last three years proven to be a hard worker willing to make the hard decisions that make Juneau a better place to live. On Oct. 1 please join me and many others in a show of appreciation by returning Don Etheridge to the District 2 Juneau Assembly seat, so that he may continue that work for us.

Mike Notar


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