Skagway: Sightings prompt cougar alert

Posted: Sunday, September 22, 2002

Two sightings of a cougar in the Skagway area over a month-long period this summer prompted the state Department of Fish and Game to post an alert on Aug. 30.

A press release was issued after a local resident and police officer saw the cougar near Skagway City Hall early in the morning of Aug. 24. Police Chief Dennis Spurrier said his officer didn't have time to snap a photo.

It is assumed the mountain lion came over the White Pass from British Columbia, Spurrier said.

The other report of a cougar sighting came on July 29, in a call left on the police department's answering machine. That report said the cougar was seen by the "city Dumpster," presumably at the north end of town.

• Contact police if there is an immediate threat to human safety.

• Make sure no food or garbage is available to attract a mountain lion.

• Small children should not play outside unsupervised, and parents should know where they are playing.

• Brush out undergrowth around residences and install outdoor lighting to improve visibility.

• Keep pets and livestock secure.

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