Botelho: Proven leader

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2003

Let me tell you just a few, among many, reasons I believe Bruce Botelho will be terrific mayor for Juneau (again.)

Back in 1983 through 1986, when Bruce was a member of the Borough Assembly, I had occasion as a Juneau legislator to work with this talented and hard-working individual.

Our most important common goal was protecting Juneau as Alaska's capital, but of course there were other issues as well: responsible economic development, capital projects, education (both locally and statewide), outdoor recreation, assisting seniors, public health concerns ... the list goes on.

Bruce, I learned early on, was a fast learner and a decisive leader. He knew not only how to identify a problem but what responsible choices we had to remedy areas of concern. Small wonder that in 1988 the people of Juneau "promoted" Bruce to mayor. Again, he did a stellar job. In his mayoral role he was an outstanding consensus-builder among members of the assembly and he excelled as Juneau's ambassador to the other cities of Southeast Alaska and, indeed, the whole state.

His relationship with members of both major parties in the Legislature was warm and cordial. He was, and continues to be, highly respected.

Come Oct. 7, I hope that a huge majority of Juneau's voters will cast their ballots for this tested, proven leader. He has earned our trust and confidence.

Mike Miller

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