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Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2005

We may sometimes have different ideas about what makes living in Juneau great and what might make it better. But I hope we can all recognize the value of the good people of Juneau having good ideas about making Juneau a good place to live. These intentions and actions should be rewarded, not criticized. I doubt there are many among us who wish to stifle people's imagination, creativity and vision of what Juneau can be. I think we should all thank those who are working so hard to get the Dimond pool built.

I looked up the city Web site for Columbus, Ind., yesterday. I grew up near there, and have always been impressed by this little town, surrounded by cornfields, with truly remarkable architecture. I was reminded that much of the money for the beautiful public buildings there came from manufacturing companies that laborers in the local community worked for and supported. But the community development also happened because of an attitude that has flourished in a positive environment where community-minded business leaders and individuals have cooperated to create a truly remarkable city.

I quote from the city Web site: "No one will call a community "good," unless it looks like a "good" community. By American tradition, a good city must be defined as one which provides the "good things" for all its residents - schools, parks, churches, civic buildings, programs that meet community needs, and events that entertain. Living in Columbus means caring about making the community a better place to live. There is a commitment to save the best of the old and build for the future in a quality way that everyone will consider worth saving."

I'm thrilled that we will have the opportunity to vote October 4 to build the Dimond Park pool, to finally make this long-held dream of many in our community a reality. For me, the Dimond Park facility represents some of my deepest held values, creative community development, a healthy alternative for families to play and exercise together and have fun. Regardless of what directions we choose to go, together we can continue to build a community that is not just good, but is an expression of our shared values, and our shared wishes to make Juneau great.

Nathan Zahnd


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