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Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2005

Despite the fact that the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights has found no violation of law and dismissed the claim by Mr. Kross, the Juneau Empire felt the filing of a scandalous, one-sided lawsuit was worthy of print (Empire, Sept. 16).

In my opinion you have tarnished and defamed the character of all three women named in this lawsuit, one of whom is my sister, Marylee.

Marylee has dedicated her life to the Department of Corrections and the protection of the citizens of Juneau. Marylee is a professional who would make any Alaskan who met her proud of the job she does for the Department of Corrections, and any implication otherwise is an insult to me and to my family.

Mr. Kross, by making these allegations - which have been dismissed - a public record, in essence could and should be guilty of defamation and libel himself.

His accusations have been officially investigated and dismissed by a council dedicated to preserving human rights and dignity, yet he continues on his mission to line his pockets from allegations which seem to have no merit. This seems like exactly what it appears to be, an opportunist who has been denied his crusade by the proper channels, who now hopes he can score monetarily.

Obviously had there been merit to his accusations, the Human Rights Commission would have seen such a blatant and obvious "sexually hostile workplace" and taken appropriate action. To have his claims dismissed by this council should have been enough of an indicator to the Juneau Empire to leave this sort of mudslinging in court where it belongs, and where it too will be dismissed.

I would certainly hope that when the time comes that you report the dismissal of his lawsuit as you reported the mere filing of it. Have some integrity, and stop making the job of dealing with convicts harder and more thankless than it already is.

Sean B. Purvis


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