The road will save a lot in travel costs

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Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006

I've got to respond to Greg Fisk's Sept. 13 letter, "Road won't save much in travel costs." You would save approximately $400 for each round-trip to Haines or Skagway, and you can make the trip without all the delays, except for a short shuttle run. Don't you consider this quite a savings?

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The actual distance from Skagway to Bellingham is 1,731 miles, not 2,300. If you are driving a gas-guzzler and are only getting 10 miles per gallon, it would cost you $692 for fuel at $4 a gallon.

My wife and I make this trip yearly from Hoonah to Longview, Wash., which is 238 miles south of Bellingham, for under $800. And with an access road, we would make the trip for under $600. That includes motel rooms for two nights and our meals.

Erin Anderson and family could easily make the trip for under $900 with the access road and would get excellent motel accommodations for her family under $100 in U.S. currency in British Columbia. The Alaska Highway is one of the most scenic drives a family can find in the country. Imagine all the caribou, elk, moose, deer, buffalo and sheep they will see.

Let's face the facts. Without an access road, there is no cheap travel out of Juneau.

As for air fare, how come you can fly from Seattle to Anchorage cheaper than you can fly from Seattle to Juneau, which is about 500 miles closer? Could it be the competition?

Dean Nielson


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