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Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006

I thought I could, but I cannot ignore Mr. Fisk's letter regarding the cost of driving to Bellingham or Seattle as opposed to taking the ferry.

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I don't know how long it has been since he has driven the highway or what type of vehicle he was driving, but I just drove to Seattle via the Cassiar in August. My vehicle is not small. It is a full-sized Dodge Caravan.

I left here for Haines on Aug. 9 and arrived in Seattle on Aug. 13. That was four nights in motels. Here are my expenses one-way, according to my charge slips: $117 for the ferry, $295.27 for gas and $321.66 for motels. All were nice motels with most having two or three beds to a room. My total expenses to drive were $773.93. My total expenses round-trip were less than $1,800 by more than $500.

Food cannot be counted, as you need to purchase or bring your own, no matter what mode of transportation you choose to use.

So, if you like to drive, wish to see pretty country and animals and want to save money, you might try this alternative to the ferry. Also, if you are into tent camping, I saw some very nice campgrounds with facilities that also carry an ice chest full of food. So this could save you even more.

By the way, taking the Alaska Highway to Dawson Creek and down can add just another day. I know; I've done it more than once.

Ardyne Womack


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