Hard-working Assembly member

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, September 23, 2002

Frankie Pillifant has made life in Juneau better for our family, and that is why I am supporting her re-election to the Assembly. She has been a strong advocate for improved bus service, and without her, I doubt we would have city bus service running every half-hour. Did you know that bus passes for kids are now only $10.50 per month? That's a deal, and coupled with half-hour service, really cuts down on the amount of driving I have to do as a parent.

Are you aware, that without her hard work, the Treadwell Ice Arena might still be just a dream on paper? Despite the naysayers, she kept this issue moving through the Planning Commission, helped to find adequate funding, and come this fall and winter, we will have an ice rink at Sandy Beach. Now we can finally join the ranks of real Alaska cities and get a hockey program going for our kids.

Doug Woodby


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