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Posted: Monday, September 23, 2002

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Outside influence

I wish to thank Kathleen Metcalfe for reminding me (Empire, Sept. 17) about For if I had not visited the site I would not have found out that while she has a great source for campaign information, she does not have a clue how to read the information presented.

The percentages she presented were completely misleading. She claimed that Sen. Stevens received 78.1 percent from business. The actual percentage is 34.09, less than half of her claim.

She also claimed that Sen. Murkowski received 88.4 percent from business. The actual number is 52.13 percent. Her third claim is that Rep. Young received 75.1 percent when the actual number is 31.89 percent. Hardly an accurate presentation I would say.

In those same general campaign years, as reported in the Lew Williams article, the Alaska Conservation Foundation received $19.3 million, (hardly "chump change"!) mostly from Outside, compared to our delegation raising a grand total of $6,251,902 from all sources combined. In-state contributions to Stevens, Murkowski and Young range from 26-31 percent.

Dennis Oakland


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