Re-start the bonus

Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Now that our governor has axed the $92-100 million contract with Alaska Communications Systems Group, by extension the Senior Citizens' Longevity Bonus should be retroactively reinstated to the date of termination. The $92-100 million contract with ACS was started during Tony Knowles' tenure as governor. This cost was in his as well as the present governor's budget. By comparison the seniors' bonus is a mere fraction of the terminated ACS contract.

Cell phones for state employees by the nature of the technology are a potential for a cesspool of abuse protracting the costs. Anyone that has a cell phone knows how they can be abused with long distance, wireless, data and video conferencing capabilities, not to mention the typical free weekend minutes for strictly state employee personal business.

We are closely watching to see whether the governor or the Legislature moves first to retroactively reinstate the Senior Citizens' Longevity Bonus. Silence on this subject by both entities means we have to totally revamp the Legislature in 2004 at the ballot box. We have copied the governor and the entire Legislature with this letter! Help us to force a response from both!

Bill and Samon Arnold


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