Blaming signs misguided

Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2003

In Sunday's letter to the editor, Richard Reichenbach suggested that beer signs are wrong to display, singling out Coors and DeHarts in Auke Bay. As DeHarts has continually used this form of advertising over the history of their establishment, I wonder why it is only now noticed by Mr. Reichenbach? And why is it only DeHarts that is targeted in Mr. Reichenbach's message - are there no other liquor stores in town with a sign suggesting the purchase of alcoholic drinks? Mr. Reichenbach's socialist message proposed that store owners and beer distributors are responsible for boating accidents. Are all of Mr. Reichenbach's acquaintances unable to enjoy a beer without drinking to excess? There seems no need to wait for America's justice system, any evidence or court convictions, Mr. Reichenbach seems to have established the cause of the recent boating accident.

If the good Comrade could just eliminate freedom of speech, allow the government to step in and run selected private business, he seems sure alcohol problems could be controlled. You're in America, Mr. Reichenbach! Land of the free! In a free society, citizens take personal responsibility for their choices rather than having a government make the choices for them. Socialism seeks to limit choices and freedoms in the name of safety, security and equality.

Loni VanKirk


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