Harbor electric problem solved

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Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2004

Rationing is not new, and was done during World War II, with items such as copper and gasoline. All patriotic Americans would conserve the scarce resources, to help the war effort. Those who would hoard were weeded out by the government or vigilantes.

Most of the long-time boat users in Aurora Harbor are resilient, self-reliant, and are willing to share equally scarce resources. Many have found innovative energy and heating alternatives, temporarily. Some newcomers and outsiders feel that everything should be spoon-fed to them, or will hog what should be shared by others. Many in the harbor have no alternate heating. Only a minority use that as an excuse to biring down the power for everyone else.

Only after the harbor issued some warnings and residents complained directly to the hoarders did the power outages cease. Friday, Sept. 17 and Saturday, Sept. 18, had uninterupted temporary power. There were no electrical outages when all the harbor people shared.

The problem addressed in the Juneua Empire's Sept. 17, 2004 article; "Live-aboards lose electric heat nightly," has been dealt with effectively, thanks to the swift action of the harbormaster.

It is an easy matter to see who is hoarding power, by taking a look at the power meter attached to the electrical pedestal that they are plugged into, and comparing it to others.

Constant vigilance is the price of liberty.

Some who are in a distasteful situation will whine and complain. Others, when given lemons, will make lemonade.

Greg Hayes


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