World not imprisoned by pro-Bush media

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2004

Let me share with you something from the front page of the Bangkok newspaper last week:

In 30 out of 35 countries polled, from all regions of the world, a majority or plurality would prefer to see John Kerry win the U.S. presidential election - especially traditional U.S. allies. The only countries where President Bush was preferred were the Philippines, Nigeria, and Poland. India and Thailand were divided. On average, Kerry was favored by more than a 2-to-1 margin - 46 to 20 percent (weighted for variations in population, the ratio was not significantly different).

In the past year I've traveled to the Middle East and around Southeast Asia. I can tell you that people I've met don't hate Americans; they are anti-Bush. And, despite some readers' fantasies, it is not because the whole world consists of only terrorists and they oppose him simply because they are afraid that Little Georgie in his flight suit will smoke 'em out. It's because the world sees what some Americans cannot see, since they are locked behind a prison of U.S. media telling them what to think.

Mary Noble


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