Young is a pain

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2005

"A Pain in the ear?" Yes, that's our own U.S. Rep. Don Young. What an embarrassment, to see him proclaim this, at the suggestion that Alaska should reconsider some of its excessive "pork" (federal transportation dollars) in light of the billions that Katrina's devastation will cost. And why hasn't the Empire reported this?

Several other big-hearted, national-minded congressional leaders have offered cutting their own state's federally funded transportation projects to allow funds to help with the hurricane's toll. But not our arrogant Don Young, who replied, to requests that Alaska give up its bridges to nowhere, that it would be a "pain in the ear."

Hearing Young is a pain to the ear, and to the heart and brain, as well. Please, voters, replace him next year. And meanwhile, let's exhibit some heart and brain by pressuring Young to give up these unnecessary bridges (Gravina Island and Knik Arm) as well as Juneau's "half-access" road to nowhere too, and send those federal dollars where they're truly needed.

Jeff Sloss


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