Freedom or not
The country where I grew up, Denmark, had and still has a lot of regulations.

Water fluoridation, cancer, 'funky teeth'
The article in My Turn: "Fluoride beneficial, despite distorted arguments" has some distortions itself.

Good fluo-riddance
Wow. Fluoride is good for us to have in our drinking water, say some. Oh, let's not stop there. If dental professionals can have so much influence on what we should or shouldn't be sipping at the water fountain, then other professionals should be allowed some input as well.

Why the warning on toothpaste?
For all the people advocating that fluoride in our water system is safe, I would like to ask the question, "Why, with fluoride being the only active ingredient in toothpaste, does my toothpaste container have a warning to keep it out of reach of children under 6 years of age ...

Good fluo-riddance
Wow. Fluoride is good for us to have in our drinking water, say some. Oh, let's not stop there. If dental professionals can have so much influence on what we should or shouldn't be sipping at the water fountain, then other professionals should be allowed some input as well.

More honey, less vinegar
What ever happened to civil discourse? Regardless of your opinion about Wal-Mart, mining, fluoride, cruise ships, the road out of Juneau, corruption in the Legislature, global warming, English grammar (particularly the use of the apostrophe), lethal force by police officers or the war in Iraq, please try to refrain from name-calling or invective.

Pool advocates float new deal
Two years after a $28.5 million plan to build a pool in Mendenhall Valley failed in a vote of the people, proponents of a new pool are back with what they say is a better plan that will cost half as much.

Flouride opponents host dental expert at talks
Opponents of adding fluoride to Juneau's water supply ramped up their offensive last week, bringing in a national expert to lecture Thursday and Friday nights to drive home their point that fluoride is dangerous to the human body.

Around Town


Police & Fire
Reports from police, fire officials and state troopers.

Photo: Socrates on trial
Natalia Salkina, center, and Svetlana Nazarova, right, both prosecutors from Khabakovsk, Russia, and their interpreter Denis Kovakev watch the mock trial of Socrates at the Dimond Courthouse on Friday.

Empire editorial: Support extension of Juneau sales tax
Each year, Juneau sees about a million "reasons" to extend the temporary 1 percent sales tax.

Toe Toon
Cartoon by local artist Toe.

My turn: Sound science favors water fluoridation
Choice involves the anticipatory idea of several possible actions and reactions. Our current personal and community decision-making about the initiative to fluoridate Juneau's community water supply suggests this is critically so.

Reduce, reuse and recycle to save the Pacific Ocean
Let's start with the good news: There are many things that can be done to reduce the amount of plastic garbage, and every bit counts.

Photos: Shooting for a good time
When these Juneau residents finished up with their six-shooters and one rare, black-powder rifle, they ambled back to the mess table for stew.

Out &About

Mysterious slime molds rare in Southeast
Despite their unattractive name, slime molds can be beautiful, and they are certainly among the most peculiar organisms in the world. More than 17 species have been recorded for northerly parts of Alaska, in both forest and tundra, but the total for our state is apparently unknown.

Outdoors women grab opportunity to bag a moose
Walking lightly down a trail lined with blazing yellow birch trees, Don Cameron stopped. He looked around, straining to hear or see signs of life in the woods to his left. He turned to look behind him, down the path. Nothing.

Southeast Conference Cross Country Championships Results

Juneau-Douglas cruises to seventh straight win
An aggressive West Valley defense gave Juneau-Douglas High School a chance to work on its passing game Friday at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Field.

Practice pays off for Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team discovered that hard work in practice can pay off nicely in a game situation over the weekend.

Pavitt Health & Fitness 10K and 1-mile race resultsa
Pavitt Health & Fitness 10K and 1-mile races

JDHS girls swim team wins easily in Petersburg
The Juneau-Douglas High School boys and girls swimming and diving teams finished up their third Southeast Conference meet of the season over the weekend in Petersburg.

JDHS boys, girls earn SE Conference titles
The Juneau-Douglas High School boys and girls cross country team started fast and finished strong en route to a pair of Southeast Conference championships Saturday in Sitka.

Cowdery skips session, critics not satisfied
A decision by Sen. John Cowdery, R-Anchorage, to skip October's special session on oil taxes isn't satisfying some critics.

Bail set for man charged with killing Anchorage teen in 1994
The mother of Anchorage murder victim Bonnie Craig got her first look at the man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing her 18-year-old daughter 13 years ago.

Feds may have to reimburse marijuana grower
A Fairbanks man whose marijuana growing operation was disbanded in the early 1990s is poised to be reimbursed for property confiscated by the federal government.

Alaska Digest
Man found deadon Teal Street, 13th annual Toy Run to take place today, Coast Guard suspends search for Juneau man, Viral illness hits infants in Northwest Alaska, Anchorage man dies after Fla. plane crash, Car crashes on Egan Drive Saturday evening, Footprints found in search for missing hiker

Campaign finance bill seeks to bolster regulatory agency
An Anchorage senator said Friday he'll introduce legislation extending the statute of limitations on campaign finance law violations.

Photo: Cub cage
A brown bear cub named Chaik looks through its cage at the Fortress of the Bear on Thursday in Sitka. After four attempts, the bear was captured on Killisnoo Island near Angoon by Department of Fish and Game wildlife biologist Phil Mooney. The orphaned cub joins a sibling at the private zoo that was caught in August.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Court rules former priest can take bar exam, despite allegations
A former Alaska priest who was accused of sexually abusing a boy will be allowed to take the Iowa bar examination, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

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