Good fluo-riddance

Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wow. Fluoride is good for us to have in our drinking water, say some. Oh, let's not stop there. If dental professionals can have so much influence on what we should or shouldn't be sipping at the water fountain, then other professionals should be allowed some input as well.

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Let's add calcium, too. Has anyone consulted the Osteopath profession for a recommendation on how calcium benefits bone integrity in the general community? After all, I'm sure not everyone has access to proper amounts necessary to prevent fractures in the elderly and bone growth in young bodies.

Let's add vitamin D, too. More research is indicating lack of exposure to direct sunlight (hmmm, does that sound like Juneau?) may contribute to development of certain types of cancer and muscle maladies.

Let's replace water fountains with fruit smoothie fountains that provide all the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, wheat germ, and soy added in. Or wait - let's add SlimFast in fountains near fast food restaurants. Possibility abounds.

Sarcasm aside, please keep those "extras" out of the water, and learn how to properly brush your teeth (don't forget to floss). I appreciate the necessity of treating the water with chlorine to make sure bacteria are kept at a minimal level; I do not appreciate chemical additions that my care-providers have not determined are necessary for me.

Stacy Eldemar


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