Freedom or not

Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007

The country where I grew up, Denmark, had and still has a lot of regulations.

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You cannot own and use a radio in your home without paying a fee to the government. If you do use it without fee, they will come and find you with specialized detection devices and have you pay. You can at any time be stopped on the road for a car inspection. If your car is deemed unworthy for the roads it will be the last you will ever see of it (would be interesting in Juneau). You cannot transmit on any FM band, so small radio stations are not allowed.

Here in this country we take our freedom for granted. We expect to be able to move around and have no worries about other people controlling us. Take the issue of fluoridating our water supply. Should we not have the choice and right of deciding for ourselves whether we want a medication in our water or not?

I for one am not interested in having others make decisions for me regarding my clean drinking water. If other people want to add fluoride to their diet, that is their choice. I should not have any rights in telling them what they have to do. If I was really concerned, I could inform them, but the choice is theirs. Using fear tactics makes little sense. Let's base our decision on facts instead.

I have heard lots of good questions float around town. What about the under-served or poorer part of our community? Is fluoride safe? Is it toxic? Does it actually decrease cavities in teeth? Does it have any side effects even long term? Does it contain other chemicals? Is there a difference in the kind that naturally occurs in some regions to the kind we might put in our water? Why do many countries in Europe decline to fluoridate (including Denmark)? What causes cavities, a lack of fluoride? What can we do ourselves to promote better health?

I believe all these are great questions. You need to answer them for yourself.

Birger Baastrup


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