Bear infestation

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2001

I am writing in regards to bears. Last night my brother couldn't get out of his house at Switzer Village until this bear finished eating the garbage. He said that he tried scaring it away by yelling and that it was starting to attack.

Here at my mother's house there's a bear nearly every night. The biologist at the Fish and Game said he had to set a trap out in the valley and that's the last we heard from him.

The operator at 911 tells us to call the regular phone number of the police and when you call that number they tell you they won't do anything. Ever since I read about a bear going into someone's home by way of a hole in the door meant for dogs, I've always thought that the bear can get into our house via the big glass door in the back or via the flimsy door in the front. In any case, they should shoot the bears like the police used to back in the '60s. Even though they shot the bears back in the '60s, there still seems to be a big infestation at this time.

John R. Austin


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