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Posted: Monday, September 24, 2001

I am 46 years old and a full-time civilian technician for the Alaska Army National Guard as a helicopter mechanic. As a requirement of my full-time job, I revert to a sergeant in the Guard for weekend drills and annual training or when I am activated for military duty. My retirement could be months away if I choose. I will not retire until the murders of these innocent men, women and children are avenged. Of the many letters I've read in the Empire about the terrorist killings, Art Chance's "My Turn" letter best fits my thoughts. The tears I have shed are tears of rage, tempered rage. When I joined the U.S. Army almost 20 years ago and 3 1/2 years later the Guard, I knew there was a chance of combat. Of course, it was peacetime military, and as many prior military personnel can tell you it seems the only purpose of the peacetime military is to screw over the troops. Besides fixing military aircraft here in Juneau, my priorities have changed to having a family.

So let me rattle that saber, this is a call to arms. The peacetime military is gone, and the purpose of the military now is to defend and fight for this country. We are at war with an enemy who kills women and children with malice. I know my chances of deployment are slim, but I volunteered for the service, it is my duty and honor to defend and fight for such a noble cause. These 6,000-plus victims cannot have died in vain. We are about to fight evil so great that, should we do little now, I fear my children will have to see or be a victim of a terrorist act far greater than 11 Sept. 2001. End it now, it is righteous and just! Next time it could be nuclear or biological attack, and for that I volunteer to do my duty and, need be, give my life to protect my family, country and all you free citizens who think you can appease this evil.

Sgt. David Hurlbut


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