A better way

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2001

If any good is to come out of the terrible tragedies of Sept. 11, we must treat each other with compassion. Now is not the time to argue and fight amongst ourselves, even when we strongly disagree with each other. One of the greatest things about being American is that we can disagree with each other.

Please, let's be kind and gentle to ourselves, our families, our community members here in Juneau, and especially the poor innocent people of the Middle East who have no place to hide and no one to protect them. We are so extremely blessed. Even the poorest of us here in America is wealthy compared to the people of Afghanistan and other nations in that region. Please, pray to whoever you think God is, that these people be safe and cared for. Ask our politicians to include them in our aid packages. Count your blessings and bless your neighbors. Let's bring kindness to the terror, and compassion to the world. God bless America yes, but even more, God bless us all, bring us to a better way of living in this world.

Jane Roodenburg


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