Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2003

... for supporting the City Museum

The Juneau-Douglas City Museum thanks the many generous people, businesses and organizations that donated money and time to safely relocate and conserve the Auk Tribe totem pole in the newly remodeled Juneau High School atrium. The City Museum also thanks the Juneau School District for offering this beautiful location and for sponsoring the dedication ceremony.

Juneau Rotary Totem Pole Club: Bob Rehfeld. David Haas & Mary Ellen Arvold, In memory of Elizabeth Haas. Rosa Miller, Marie Olson, Mt. Juneau Tlingit Dancers, Katherine White, Janet Dick, Juneau School District: Deb Morse, Joe Mueller. City and Borough of Juneau: Dayle Tennison, Gary Gillette, Kim Kiefer, Cristi Herren, Tim Allen. Minch Ritter Voelckers Architects: Paul Voelckers, Don Eagle. BBFM Engineers: Forrest Braun. Banghart & Associates: Bob Banghart, Andy Ferguson, Jim Simard, Erik Chadwell. Alaska Electric Light and Power: Tim McCloud, Mike Bavard, Evan Bixby, Vic Walker, Rick Savikko. Northland Services: Tom Satre, Tom Farrell. Arrow Refuse: Ed Carte. Alaska State Museum: Scott Carrlee. Coogan Construction: Lloyd Coogan, Steve Johnson. Wilson Engineering: Layne Brandt.

The Auk Pole is now safely and beautifully located in the high school commons where it will be preserved and can be appreciated by our children and the community.

...for helping with tire during rainstorm

During a rainstorm on Saturday, Aug. 30, I had the misfortune to run over a water connection cover turned bottom-side-up on the road to Douglas. The result was a immediate blowout of a rear tire. I pulled over near a townhouse and made my way, shrouded in a raincoat, to the front door, hoping someone would be home and allow me to use their telephone. There I was warmly greeted by the Ed Leonard family, and before I was even off the phone from calling my husband for help, Mr. Leonard was out in the rain (and risking his backside in the traffic) changing my tire. He was so amiable and competent-behaving as though it was his pleasure to do that task.

I had been in the midst of a very busy day when the blowout occurred, and thanks to Mr. Leonard, what could have been a major inconvenience was at most a 15-minute delay.

Thank you, Ed Leonard, and your family as well, for your friendliness, kindness, and helpfulness. People like you are truly an asset to this wonderful community.

Barbara Boehl


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