California will come to Alaska's rescue

Posted: Monday, September 24, 2007

The letter to the editor "Cease Fire ..." on Sept. 14 is a classic example of a lifelong Alaskan who thinks Alaska won't survive without Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Don Young.

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With $40 billion in the Alaska Permanent Fund, and another $500 million per month in earnings and gains, Alaskans surely won't starve to death. Alaska could build both of its "Bridges to Nowhere" with just 60 days of permanent fund earnings.

With oil hitting $80 per barrel, and Gov. Palin getting ready to hit-up the oil companies for another billion per year, Alaskans should make it through the winter.

There are only 18 "donor" states that pay more in federal taxes each year than they receive in federal spending. They carry the load for the other 32 states like Alaska that "spend more than they earn." California is the largest donor state and pays more than 15 of the total amount.

California also buys almost all of Alaska's crude oil. There is little chance that will change.

Stevens and Young do not write personal checks for all the money that comes to Alaska. Millions of hard-working Lower 48 Americans foot the bill. Even if both Stevens and Young do lose their jobs and Alaska's sourdoughs go into a full panic attack, don't worry, California will come to the rescue.

D. K. "Dan" Lilja

Former Juneau resident

San Diego

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