Anderson deserves a second term

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jonathan Anderson has done a good job on the city Assembly and deserves to be re-elected. I especially like the way he doesn't do "group think" but researches and analyzes issues himself, listens to all sides and comes up with his own ideas.

Jonathan works hard, and his votes show his integrity. I don't think that anyone can say that they agree with 100 percent of all of his (or any politician's) decisions, but I respect the process he goes through and know that he votes for what he feels is the best interest of the entire community.

An example of Jonathan's dedication is the number of times he has been at Juneau School Board meetings. He's there to listen to discussion of difficult issues that might come before the Assembly. His conscientiousness is a rare quality. He deserves a second term.

Margo Waring


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