My turn: Troopergate has turned Alaska into a national joke

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ah, dang it. Just as we slide into the final months of George W's glorious swirling down the drain and we can finally begin to repair our reputation around the world, the Alaskan Republican party has stuck a pin in my party balloon.

Here I am, trying to make up my "Bye Bye Bushie" gala guest list, and my attention is drawn away by the actions of the GOP (Greedy Old Palinistas). With tail between legs, the Alaska Republican party has rolled over for the national Republican big dawgs and once again made Alaska the head-shaking joke of the country by refusing to follow through on Gov. Sarah Palin's ethics investigation.

How many of you noticed it took the Alaska Republicans almost a full week to endorse the vice president candidacy of Palin? For several days I looked upon them with admiration of their love of country over party. Alas, those days were erased with the announcement of their support for one of the most under-qualified people in Alaska, much less the nation.

I cannot imagine the Alaska I moved to 26 years ago failing itself and its country as nonchalantly as this Republican Party has chosen to do. They have failed the Alaska State Troopers by letting Sen. John McCain's underlings trash Walt Monegan, a man who did nothing more than what the ethics of his position demanded. They have failed those of us who expected the investigation (that Palin so cheerily encouraged) to continue through to its ending. These Outsiders have come into our state, changed the charges of why Monegan was fired, and, lo and behold, for some reason the witnesses that Palin originally encouraged to participate in this investigation are breaking the law by refusing to talk. And no one is doing a darn thing about it.

Do you see a pattern here? Karl Rove gets subpoenaed and tells Congress to stick it in their ear; Palin's ponies obviously followed the ringmaster's orders and have dummied up.

Perhaps these Republican rollovers don't understand what partisanship is since they claim Palin is being tormented by a Democratic partisan group. Partisan means (in the simplest of terms) that people support a certain party. The charge of partisanship won't fly considering the unanimous vote of 14 included 10 Republicans and four Democrats.

Ah yes, I forgot, the Palin-McCain folks seem to feel they can ignore the truth and make it up as they go along. You remember, like how we sold that silly jet on eBay and made a profit. Perhaps she'll spend the profit on the Bridge to Somewhere she promised the people of Ketchikan. Of course, she could just rent out the Governor's Mansion since she refuses to live there; you know the one in our city from which she promised not to move the Capitol. I guess if it is piece meal, it doesn't count.

Have you no shame? Anybody? You have made a joke of Alaska integrity, although it's hard to compare to Stevens and Young and their reputations as participants in the Alaska corruption investigation. Such fine public relations, why, I don't know why the state spends a dime on advertising when we are in the nightly news, um, nightly? Once again the country sees us as greedy idiots.

I realize there are those of you who don't care what they think Outside. For the most part, neither do I. But in the case of the lawmakers filing law suits to not enforce the law until after their elections, well, those Outside playmakers got nothing on you. What is this state coming to when we continue to elect people with huge ethical problems and fire good people who put their own ethics first?

The saddest part of it all, Gov., is that when you lose this ego trip you're on, you'll be coming back to Alaska to wreak more havoc. And we can't say, "Thanks, but no thanks." The good part is you won't be coming back to Juneau.

• Tracy L. Moore is a Juneau resident and a Bartlett Regional Hospital employee. She is not to be confused with the Tracy Moore in the phone book.

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