Defense to present its case in drug trial

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2008

JUNEAU - The lawyers for accused drug kingpins Aaron Washington and Vonnie Williams are expected to begin presenting their cases to the jury today.

Washington's and Williams' lawyers indicated Tuesday that they planned to call witnesses to testify on behalf of their clients, who are facing a maximum of 99 years in prison if convicted of operating a continuing criminal enterprise.

Washington's ex-girlfriend, Tonya Williams, testified Tuesday that she regularly smuggled in cocaine from the Lower 48 in 2006 to be sold in Juneau and sometimes in Hoonah.

In business terms, she said Washington was the "wholesaler," and Vonnie Williams was the "retailer."

She also described Williams as "the biggest drug lord in Juneau," who "controlled a lot of people" with drugs.

She said that Washington had threatened her in a letter from jail, but added that her children thought fondly of him.

Tonya Williams, who moved to Oregon to start a clothing store as a partner with Washington, said she went to the police earlier this year to turn him in because she was tired of him calling her and asking for drugs and money.

She said she does not expect to face any criminal charges as a result of her testimony.

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