Let's Keep It Clean

Posted: Friday, September 24, 2010

I was disappointed by the radio spot with Ron Somerville saying the campaign of those supporting the North Douglas Causeway was "crafty."

I also understand there is a print ad out by his group claiming the cost estimate is "dishonest." At the same time, they're quoting a cost estimate of $135 million which apparently comes from Mayor Bruce Bothello's letter to the City Assembly and included interest costs for 25 years even though the project would be paid for in 10 years (now that does seem misleading to me).

Let's try to remain civil and debate the merits without a smear campaign. I thought Somerville had more class than that but obviously I was wrong. Now I wonder if the other folks listed in the Empire ad as being in the opposition group support the smear tactics?

Allen Shattuck


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