What is right? Or, how can you be so wrong?

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2000

Why are Juneau people all over the map on what is the right or acceptable amount and quality of everything? I think many people here don't appreciate the diversity in Juneau's population. Other communities may claim more ethnic, religious and political groups, but Juneau has a very broad spectrum of "what is right."

Here is a little test of our diversity. Mark the items in the list with "agree or disagree," "yup or nope," or whatever passes in you for positive and negative reactions. Compare it with your friends' responses and see how very little you have in common on the Right-O-Meter. Be honest here, no one is watching.

Cottonwood trees should be cleared from urban areas.

It's OK to use whatever is legally available to get rid of weeds.

There is no harm in nurturing introduced species of birds.

All wild animals should be given food and medical care.

All other species are on this Earth to support humans.

Children should have all driving privileges at 16.

It's OK to drive short distances with the baby in your lap.

It's not your fault if you can't stop your car on ice.

Speed limits are for people who aren't good drivers.

First-offense drunk drivers should be shot.

It's nobody's business how you develop your own land.

Paper and other biodegradable things aren't litter.

Bears hanging around the neighborhoods should be shot.

It's OK to let your dog loose at night to run.

Cats that dig up your flowerbeds should be shot.

It's OK for children to play in residential streets.

If you don't have kids, you shouldn't pay for schools.

Motorized recreation should be allowed on public land.

It's OK to dump batteries and appliances in the forest.

It's OK to hunt and trap from hiking trails.

How did it go? Does anyone not related to you agree with you? Do your children agree with you? How have your attitudes changed over the last 20 years?

I compiled the list from real situations I see and hear around Juneau. Some I've heard all my life, others are newer. Everyone daydreams about rules they would make and enforce if they were in charge. After world peace and buying an NFL franchise with the Permanent Fund, it comes down to little things like your neighbor's dog that you think of in making a better world.

Wait a minute, you don't think buying a football team is a good investment? How can you be so wrong thinking? Let's vote on it.

Nita Nettleton

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