Support Prop 2

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2000

I write in support of Proposition 2, which if approved will renew the temporary 1 percent sales tax and raise an estimated $29 million over the five-year life of the tax. The money raised will provide matching funds for school improvements, the Bartlett Regional Hospital expansion project and the Treadwell Arena.

The school improvements, primarily to the high school, are obviously needed, and I have a lot of faith in school superintendent Gary Bader among the most fiscally responsible of administrators to oversee the project.

The improvement over the last decade of hospital facilities and services speaks well of the hospital's board and management, and I'm inclined to support any such project endorsed by Dr. Bob Urata, one of our best and hardest working physicians.

The Treadwell Arena is especially deserving of community support. The closer one looks, the better it appears. It will be a no-frills facility, well supported by a committed group of volunteers, providing year-round recreational opportunities. My only criticism is that Proposition 2 devotes so little money only $1.1 million to such a worthy project.

Peter Metcalfe

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