Where will RVs park?

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2000

The "build a road to Skagway" folks just won't give up, will they? If enough Juneau folks vote for it, we'll have to get it. Nevermind that Haines and Skagway have resoundingly voted NO. Nevermind that Gov. Knowles has voted for more ferries instead of a road. Never mind that the ferry system is ready to build more ships.

And does anybody realistically believe that the rail belt people will be willing to spend millions on a road down here that would not even be open reliably in the winter? They want to move the capital and could care less whether Juneau has a road.

I also find myself wondering where all the new users of this new road would park when they got to Juneau. Maybe out at Kmart, but surely not downtown. Try picturing dozens of monster RVs downtown in the summer.

Barbara D. Kalen


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