Reject political posturing

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

General Conventions of the Episcopal Church have affirmed that homosexual people are children of God and are entitled to full civil rights.

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Members of the church have pledged to address the issues of youth suicide and runaway-throwaway youth, especially as these result from conflict over sexuality, sexual identity, and sexual orientation. Congregations and dioceses of the Episcopal Church are strongly encouraged by General Convention resolution to identify and use as soon as possible educational materials directed to parents which will assist them in understanding their children's sexuality and in caring for their children regardless of whatever their sexuality may be.

These resolutions form the official opinion of the Episcopal Church. I therefore add my name in support of the national Day of Silence and those courageous teens, who in the face of political fence-sitting and divergent religious opinion have held fast in their support for this important day. The game of trying to dilute such an event by widening it beyond recognition was tried in the past with national AIDS/HIV day, and was recognized for the political ploy that it was. I urge the powers that be to reject such posturing and allow the day to go forward was it is now envisioned.

If for some reason the officials of our school system should decide to kowtow to this regrettable movement, I invite the high school students so involved to use Holy Trinity Episcopal Church as a base for this celebration.

Rob Bruschi, Rector

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church


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