What would Jesus say?

Posted: Wednesday, September 25, 2002

This is in response to the article that appeared in Sunday's paper concerning the two churches that feel that The Day of Silence at the Juneau-Douglas High School is inappropriate.

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I find it rather reassuring that our youth, the young people that we are so concerned about, are reaching out and finding compassion for other human beings and not passing judgment because of someone's sexual orientation. So many of our young people are being arrested in Juneau for unsafe behaviors, many of our youth are committing suicide, and all we hear about are how bad our young people are today. I think the 140-plus young people need to be applauded for their efforts to free the world of hatred and bigotry.

Another point that needs to be considered is the idea of how Jesus would have felt about all this hatred or the fact that no one has considered that maybe Jesus was a homosexual himself. Today's thinking, this would be true of a man that had 12 other men following and worshiping him all the time. I also feel that the white-dominated Christian world needs to look closely at the fact that maybe Jesus wasn't a white Anglo-Saxon, but maybe Black, Hispanic, Native or Oriental.

Lastly I am curious at to why the Christian thinking is so self-centered and bigoted as to the thoughts and feelings of others in the world. The majority of the world in not Christian and the morals of this way of thinking have to stop being pushed upon others and the way they feel.

James Whelsley


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